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Phantom costuming

I am eccentric. *GRIN* I also love to create.
I just purchased an amazing new sewing machine, which does 70 different stitches and stitch functions. It's my new love! ^_^
And so...since I got tickets to OPENING NIGHT of Phantom of the Opera in Boston (March 30th), I decided to go all-out and make Christine's Wishing dress from the live show! I am psyched, since I'll be in the third row (yay! XD), and am going to make jewelry (Swarovski crystal, Venetian glass, etc.) for at LEAST my Christine, and cards for the other main actors/actresses, etc.

I am using Butterick pattern 4315. My GOD, what a ridiculous amount of material I had to use!! O___O I bought over 12 yards of this gorgeous blue fabric, a nice, textured matte, deep black, and tons of ribbon and lace! I finally cut the pieces (I *hate* cutting...if anyone else sews, ever cut huge pieces, and barely have a place in your house big enough to lay out all the fabric and patterns, and end up having to move furniture to do so?? >_o heh). I'm so hyped for it!

Oh, here's a picture of the pattern I am using:
(It looks ridiculous if you don't have an imagination.... *grin* The finished picture here shows more of a vampiric costume. ;) )

Pattern 4315

Now, get a GREAT look at the actual finished product here:
Errr, minus the ridiculously vampiric/Marie Antoinette collar ;)

See here!

I just have two hopes:

#1: I'm short. I'm 5'2-3"! ( doctor said I was 5'3", almost all others say I'm 5'2"! I like the 3" label better! XD). I hope the dress isn't ridiculously long! It'll be a pain in the tush to have to go back over the entire bottom and shorten after I'm done.
(And whether short or long, I hope it doesn't rain or snow too much!!! I don't want the bottom to be ruined!! XD)

#2: I'm not thin! *laughs* The model in the picture is probably between an American woman's size 8-12 somewhere. Not skinny, but not large. She could also be wearing heavy undergarments. But oh well. So, my hope is that the contrast between the waist and the huuuuuge bottom won't be as gigantic on me! XD heehee....I am going to be sitting in a theatre, I don't want the skirts to overflow into the laps of the people sitting beside me! ^_~

So....wish me luck.

And ever done anything like this? Tell me all about it!! =D
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