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Costume-ish questions.

For anyone who can help me, I have some extremely random questions involving the chandelier and the Phantom's shoes. I have links instead of pictures, but I figured I should put it under a cut anyway.
Question One: In April I am lucky enough to get to travel to New York and see Phantom of the Opera. In my thoughts of trying to conceive a good enough outfit for the occasion, I decided that I was going to make chandelier earrings. (*badum ching*) Now that I have started to look into it, my original plans have changed a fair amount. My original plans were to make some multi-strand earrings much like the chandelier earrings that are popular right now. However, yesterday I picked up George Perry's "The Complete Phantom of the Opera" and came across the very detailed photo of the chandelier. (Pages 92-93, if you have the book. I couldn't find any photos online, unfortunately, for those who don't know of it.) It appears that on the globes there are 6 round beads and one larger crystal per string, so I plan to do something like that, just one strand, for earrings. (It also said that there are 37 beads per strand in the longer strands, and I have the idea to make a necklace, now, too.)

And so, my problems (using the book photo for reference):
1) Should I use rondelles ( or coins (

2)The strands appear to vary in size (small-large-small) on the chandelier. So, if I use rondelles, what size(s) should I use?

3)What danlge should I use? I can't seem to find any similar ones from swarovski (, but perhaps you know of something better?

4) Finally, should I go with the normal ( or AB ( finish?

OK, I think those are all the crazy questions on that project. (I think I'm too detail oriented, lol. =^n.n^=)

Question Two: I also read that the Phantom's shoes are specially made to go higher and support a certain gait. Does anyone know where I could find any pictures or more information on this?

So...any advice, comments, or questions are welcome, even if you just want to tell me I'm too crazy for my own good. =^n.n^=

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