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Calender Idea

I've posted this at the CATS Fan Costume Forum, and wanted to toss it up here as well. I want to try and do a fund raiser for Make A Wish Foundation and use a costuming calender to do it.

Basically it's going to be a collection of original fan cat costumes themed to each month. For example: I'm planning a December cat based on Christmas. She's named Yuletide and is red, white and green, and quite fluffy. saffity has a plan for a March cat based on St. Patrick's Day who is green and decorated with Celtic designs.

The months that haven't had people asking for them yet are: May, June, August and either September or November (one costumer has a cat for either September or November depending on if someone wants to pick one or the other). If I get a lot of interest, I may end up doubling up months to include more than one cat.

If people here are intersted just leave a comment and I'll post a full set of guidlines. If you'd like to pick a month, also leave a comment and I'll confirm it with you later.
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