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Big costume update from me X-posted in my LJ

alright, so i haven't posted stuff like this in quite a while, so this may be a little big

So... onward and upward.

These first three pics are 'in progress' pics of a madeup bohemian from the musical We Will Rock You.. She has a whole backstory and such, and I plan on writing up her fanfic (plan is the key word... whether it'll actually get done or not becomes the question..)... Her name is Marilyn Manson, and yeah.. There's a lot more to be done on this, making her shirt look more like a corset, sewing up the rest of her pants, giving her a sideskirt type thing... etc..

but yeah.. enjoy these crappy webcam pics for now..

and this is what her hair is gonna look like...

and now for something finished... I recently went to an anime con and took along another WWRY costume, the bohemian named King. It went off really well... got told i was "perfectly molestable" and also had people wondering if i was old enough to be wearing the costume...

another note... my mother hates this costume.. but me being 21... she can't do anything about it :-D there are perks to being an adult...

continuing on, we come to my Tugger costume... this was origionally intended for my little cousin to go see cats with me in June... however that fell through... but not before i got most of a costume made for him (unitard by the amazing Jen)... he doesn't have a mane, and his wig in these pics is my "stray cat" wig, but you get the idea (broadway style makeup... he's such a good sport)

so i find out that my cousin can't come along with me to cats, and figure.. i've got a perfectly good Tugger costume started... i wonder if i fit in the uni... *grin* turns out I do... so I'm now planning on having a Tugger costume for June, as well as Anime North if i can get the wig and mane done in time (thank goodness for long pile fur). Along with this (and the fact that i was totally and completely bored today,) I figured it would be a good idea if I tried my hand at Tugger makeup on myself... and this is the result (it's Troika Tour V... not sure if I like this one as much as Broadway.. still have to consider it) and again.. my stray cat wig...

I tried to look suave and manly... but i've got too girly a face for that... *shrugs* oh well

and in the words of porkey pig...

a bie a bie a bie.. that's all folks!


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