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Yay! my first entry

Welp I didn't want to post anything really until I had a picture to show for it.

So... This is my Components on Campus version of Joule. *grin* Unfortunately, I rushed the wig, the cap fit when I origionally made it, but when I got to brushing it I suddenly realized that it was half the origional size.

This caused much spazzing and panic on my part. Luckily, my brother remembered a raver wig I'd recently bought and asked if that would work... so I wore it instead...

I very much want to wear this again with an actual Joule wig, but this will do for now.

The shirt and skirt I've had for a bit (hello kitty shirt no less) I drew on the stockings to give them smiley faces, and added the garters. The backpack (which you can't see) is Strawberry Shortcake, and has one of my teddy bears sticking out of it, and the binder is covered with ComC Pics and had some more pics and sample comics inside it.

I also handed out business cards that I made to people who were interested >.<

Course security had a field day with my skates "They'll wreck the carpet"... *sigh* oh well, at least I got a few pics with them on.

All in all it was a fun day, tho I must say that one day anime conventions are pants! They're ok as get togethers with your friends, but as conventions they suck!

*grin* I had smiley faces on my legs for 3 days.. but c'est la vie.

hope you guys like it, and critiques are appreciated

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